Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Zoeller, Others Looking Toward 9th District Run

Attorney General Greg Zoeller
Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller has taken on Uncle Sam in the courtroom time quite often.

Just like the hapless Washington Generals or New York Nationals or whatever team has faced the Harlem Globetrotters, Zoeller has battled valiantly only to come up on the short end to the feds time after time.

It's not good to be the Washington Generals of Attorneys General.

Now, he wants to be Indiana's 9th District Congressman replacing Todd Young, who has decided to run for Senate.

The two-term AG and brother of golfer Fuzzy Zoeller came in on the coattails of term-limited Steve Carter and has lived off the spoils of his predecessor.  All the while, he's built up a record of using Indiana tax dollars to fight political fights vs. Barack Obama and the federal government.  From fighting immigration to Obamacare to same sex marriage, he's been the most political Attorney General in my lifetime.

He's not the only one that wants to run.  State Senators Brent Waltz and Erin Houchin are both expected to throw their hats in the ring, according to Abdul-Hakim Shabazz's Indy Politics website.  Also, per Abdul, State Rep. Peggy Mayfield, famous for her ridiculously Republican ads in 2012, and State Sen. Rodric Bray are also considering runs.  This is a lackluster Republican crew for certain.

No Democrats are lining up as of yet.  Democrat Shelli Yoder was the 2012 nominee, and Bill Bailey was the D standard bearer in 2014.


Anonymous said...

Greg Zoeller has stood by and ignored the lawlessness of the Ballard administration and he states that he will be a law and order advocate in Congress. What a joke!

William said...

I wonder when and if he going to move back into that district. I am sure the people that he hopes to represent would want to know that the person they are sending to Washington to represent them actually lives in their district. I understand this is his "home" district, but it's absolutely not where he currently lives. He lives not far from where I do on the northeast side of Indy, I know this because he VOTES at the same polling location that I do.

On several Election Days over the last several years I have got to meet him and I have gotten to know him a little. He seems to be a decent guy and is pretty friendly. He has really good people skills that will benefit him on the campaign trail when interacting with voters.

While I can not imagine I will ever agree with him on any political issue or his stances on social issues it is interesting he is bailing on the Pence ticket for 2016. I also agree that his constant battles on behalf of Indiana have been extremely costly he was doing his job as the elected Attorney General of Indiana.

This game of GOP musical chairs is getting quite interesting. Are we here in Indiana seeing a battle for the soul of the Republican Party I believe we may be!!!

johnnystir said...

By the U.S. Constitution, you only have to be an inhabitant of the state you are running in at the time of election to run for a House seat. No requirement to actually LIVE in the district. That said, I don't doubt that AG Zoeller is a nice guy, but he has been reckless with Indiana's money.

Anonymous said...

Fuzzy Zoeller is his cousin, not his brother. Poor editing.

Anonymous said...

What exactly has Greg Zoeller done to actually help the people of Indiana. He spends our dime on stupid crap like the whole alcohol debate between liquor stores and supermarkets selling cold beer. Exactly, what has he done other than that. Oh and his incessant party politics whining about Obamacare or what should properly be called the Affordable Care Act since Obama had very little to do with actually formulating the entire plan. What has Mr. Zoeller done except be another stool pigeon as AG.