Thursday, July 16, 2015

With Harrison Declining, Stage Now Set for November in Indy Mayor's Race

Who Will Join This Group in November
as the next post-Unigov Mayor of Indianapolis?
As you've probably heard by now, Reverend Charles Harrison has decided to pass up a run for Mayor early yesterday citing family concerns as well as the effect it would have on his church.

I would like to salute him for making that careful decision.  Having been in his shoes as a person encouraged to run for office by others, it is a tough spot.  You don't want to disappoint those that support you, but you also have to do what's right by your family and friends.  Saying no is not easy, but sometimes it's best.  As I noted in my Twitter message to him that when you run for office, your family runs with you.  That includes his extended church family of his congregation at Barnes United Methodist Church.

As far as why Harrison didn't run, there are all sorts of rumors flying around.  The most juicy of which are being reported or repeated by folks like my good friend Abdul-Hakim Shabazz as grist for his Cheat Sheet mill.  Of course, he has to sell subscriptions.  I'm not mad at him.

This, however, was not unanticipated by many.  From hints dropped by Harrison's supporters on Tuesday night, I figured he wasn't going to run.  I also had a chat with a "Democrat in the know" at the end of last week that pretty much anticipated how things would go down.  This individual told me that Harrison was likely telling the truth when he said he didn't know exactly who was trying to draft him.  My source said that in his or her opinion, Harrison would not run.

Whoever the Draft Harrison movement was pretty much made things interesting by getting the signatures and trying to get their guy to run.  When it came time to make a decision, he declined with class and dignity.  Now, he can continue to raise issues and move on as a church pastor and a leader with the Ten Point Coalition.

As far as opposition goes, a source tells me that the Hogsett campaign is caught up in running the campaign it wants to run regardless of who or who is not in the race.  Despite the rumored polling numbers from last week, the Hogsett camp wasn't going to deviate from its gameplan because they are running with the idea they are behind anyway even if they aren't.  From all clues I can gather directly from watching the Hogsett campaign, I would say my source is accurate.

When Hogsett laid the plans for his run and began to raise money, he thought he would likely be facing Greg Ballard.  Those plans changed.  Republican after Republican declined to run against Hogsett, and Chuck Brewer stepped up after a reported six others told Kyle Walker no.  Brewer, so far, has allegedly made the rounds but I have yet to meet him.  That's unusual because it seemed like at this time in 2007, I'd met Greg Ballard a few times at events.

Just 109 days remain until voters head to the polls and elect a new Mayor of Indianapolis.  We know now that the next occupant of that office on the top floor of the City-County Building will be either Joe Hogsett or Chuck Brewer.  With no Libertarian in the race (shockingly), the stage is set for a one-on-one battle.


Jack White said...
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William said...

My gut tells me it was a ploy by some major GOP supporter to try and draft Rev. Harrison. It may or may not have been with Kyle Walkers knowledge either way it really doesn't matter. If that is the case it could back fire on them.

To me it shows their increasing desperation to hold onto power in the capital city of Indiana and its largest city. They know their time of being able to win the mayor's office if nearing and end baring some major scandal or a just inept candidate which with the growing majority in Democratic leaning Marion County I don't see that as a real possibility.

This could be some motivation to people in some of the tight districts where the vote is expected to be close and push those towards the Democratic side, for two reasons. One, the growing trend and demographic shifts towards a growing Democratic majority. Two, with the really low name ID GOP candidate Chuck Brewer maybe GOP turnout could be down even slightly could tip those tight districts. Which could make the difference in a 14-11 council or a 16-9 council. We will see.

johnnystir said...

Why didn't Republicans pursue Reverend Harrison straight up as their candidate in the first place? That's my question.