Monday, July 6, 2015

Rush Moves Today

Radio Constantly in Flux
Today marks a big change in Indianapolis radio as Rush Limbaugh exits WIBC's lineup and moves over to 1260 AM WNDE.

Garrison and the Dana Loesh Show will move into Rush's old time slot on WIBC as Indy's big news talker attempts to get younger.

The only thing constant in the radio industry is change, and this is yet another example of it.  Rush's move sent shock waves, but it really shouldn't surprise anyone.  Indy's radio industry is always in flux somewhere.  Recently, for example, we saw the market get turned on its ear by upstart WRWM, 93.9 FM.

The longtime also-ran in the market changed formats from contemporary hit radio to classic hip hop and it flew to the top of the market.  Since then, WRWM has been falling like a rock and is down almost two ratings points and is ninth in the market.

For years, you could almost set your watch by the Indianapolis radio ratings.  Usually, WFMS 95.5 FM or WFBQ Q95 were first in the market, and they remain reliable top performers.  Tastes have changed.  WLHK, HANK-FM, was number one in total listeners this last ratings book followed closely by 104.5 FM, WJJK, a variety station.  Venerable CHR station, WZPL was third.

Of course, the "devil is in the details" many times in radio.  Like television, stations can claim victories in a lot of different categories.  All of the ratings I've quoted have been in total listeners ages 6 and up.

While people will tell you radio is a dying industry, it's still the number one most-utilized mass medium in the United States.  Each week, 223 million people tune in and turn on radio stations across the country according to Nielsen.  That means it reaches 93 percent of the adult population.  Television reaches 87 percent each week.

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