Friday, July 24, 2015

Lindsey Graham's Epic Response to Trump

Senator Lindsey Graham
South Carolina Senator and GOP Presidential candidate, Lindsey Graham, has struggled to get much traction for his campaign thus far.

Ideologically, Graham, a traditional conservative, comes out too far on the left of this decidedly right wing bunch.

Reacting to GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump's assertion that John McCain is no war hero, Graham called "The Donald" a "jackass".  As you know, Trump is not one to allow anything to go by without a response.  Thus, he stood in front of an audience in Graham's home state and gave out the Senator's personal cell phone number.

Graham, to his credit, has done a wonderful job responding to Trump.  He tweeted out that he was in the market for a new telephone.

On that second tweet, Graham includes this video.  You probably should have seen a disclaimer at the start..."Don't Try This At Home."

Well-played, Senator.  Well-played.

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