Thursday, July 30, 2015

Lewis Speaks to Perry Township Democratic Club

Maggie Lewis Speaks to Perry Township
Democrats and friends.
City-County Council President Maggie Lewis spoke on the Southside at the Perry Township Democratic Club on Thursday night.

She discussed the City-County Council's successes and the need for the Council to stay blue in the upcoming November election.

One of Lewis' four key components that she addressed in her talk was public safety.  She talked about what the Council had been able to do for IMPD.  "These men and women are putting their lives on the line every day in the name of public safety," said Lewis.

She said the Council has found success in supporting officers by finding money to upgrade equipment, buy new squad cars, and make necessary repairs at the police academy facility.  Lewis also highlighted the 80 additional officers that the Council was able to find the money for to increase the overall safety of Indianapolis.  She also highlighted efforts of the Council to block the Mayor's attempt to pull money from IMPD's budget unilaterally.

Lewis also discussed neighborhoods.  She said that the Council had been able to use some grant money to make things better in some specific Indy neighborhoods.  She touted the Complete Streets ordinance as one of the country's best pieces of municipal legislation.

Education was also on Councillor Lewis' agenda.  She mentioned the compromise the Council was able to reach with Mayor Ballard on expanding Pre-K education across Indianapolis as an example of what happens when both sides can come together and talk things out.

Lewis said that continuing to upgrade mass transit and making IndyGo better is a continuing project on her agenda for the Council.  Reducing the time it takes to travel by mass transit is something she and the Council has been working on and will continue to do so in the future.

The Council President also briefly addressed the often-contentious relationship with Mayor Greg Ballard.  She said that the Ballard Administration's "arrogance" has taken over in this second term and that there are many times that the Mayor has simply ignored the separate and co-equal legislative branch of government.  Lewis said. "We've seen that when we've been able to come together we've been able to do good things for the city."

Unlike the opposition party in Washington, Lewis made it clear that she would still like to see Mayor Ballard have a successful finish to his time in office because he is the Mayor of Indianapolis.  She indicated that the Democratic caucus on the Council will continue to stand up against the Mayor's efforts to run the city without the Council.

In closing, Lewis said that it's critical to get out and vote in November for Democrats and those that care about our city.  She said that no one should take anything for granted and that it was especially important to elect Joe Hogsett and give him a Democratic majority in the Council that he can work with to move Indianapolis forward.


Anonymous said...

Did anyone ask why the Council hasn't pushed for a hearing on their lawsuit? Grandstanding aside, it is obvious that the only way to stop Ballard's lawlessness is through the courts. Unless they really just want to maintain the status quo but want to pretend to be against it. Lack of action speaks volumes.

johnnystir said...

No. No one asked.