Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Lame Duck Lawrence Councillor Flips Parties

Councillor Carl Barnett
It's an election year, so you know how things are in Lawrence!

A City Councillor has decided to switch from Democrat to Republican for his remaining few months on the Lawrence Council.

Councillor Carl Barnett will make the switch.  He lost in the Primary to Tyrrell Gyles gaining only 1/3 of the votes cast.  Lawrence Republicans have not filed an opponent in District 1 for Gyles, so he will be the next Councillor from Lawrence in District 1 come January.  Gyles will face Republican Tracy Ashcraft in the fall for Barnett's District 1 seat.

Republicans, by my count, now hold a 6-3 majority with Barnett's defection.  They held a news conference on Monday with a laundry list of things they disagree with Mayor Dean Jessup over. Jessup has had to make some tough decisions in Lawrence, and you just can't please everyone.  It's the nature of things when you're a Mayor of a City of Lawrence's size these days.

Gone is the stain of corruption that used to follow around that office, and Jessup has played a big part in turning that around.

You can read all about Councillor Barnett's change of heart and change of party sanitized without the Primary Election results here in the Indy Star.  I wish him well.


Paul K. Ogden said...

Republican Chairman Kyle Walker appointed a GOP candidate in Lawrence District 1, Tracy Ashcraft.

johnnystir said...

Thanks Paul.