Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Kokomo GOP Mayoral Candidate Getting Nasty

Greg Goodnight has drawn national accolades for the work he's done in turning Kokomo around as Mayor.  I guess that's why his GOP opponent is grasping for straws in the campaign.

In a recent ad, Martha Lake, the Republican nominee for Mayor of Kokomo, attacked Howard County Democratic Party Chair David Tharp for being on the city payroll and collecting a salary.  As is the case in most counties...maybe all of them...Tharp's position as Democratic Party Chair is voluntary.  He takes no money for being Chair of the party.

That means he has to do something for employment, right?  Tharp took to Facebook to tell his side of the story, and, at the risk of being one of those clickbait Facebook posts you see each day, it's quite an epic response.

If you're going to launch a political attack, make sure your cannon is loaded, Ms. Lake.  Advantage Goodnight.

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