Friday, July 24, 2015

Hogsett Urging Supporters to Reserve Yard Signs

Yesterday, I received an e-mail from the Hogsett for Mayor campaign with a subject line dealing with yard signs.

Hogsett didn't purchase a sign for the Primary fight and is pretty much relying on his commercials and campaign door knocking to spread the word.

One thing a sage and wise candidate told me one time is that, "Yard signs don't vote."  That's true.  In a neighborhood like mine where it's overwhelmingly Republican, a yard sign of a Democratic candidate can turn some heads...especially if if it's in the yard of a longtime, well-known Republican.

Anyway, the Hogsett campaign is trying something innovative.  It's asking loyal supporters to make sure they get a yard sign by reserving one for a $5 campaign contribution.

You asked and we've answered: Hogsett for Mayor yard signs will be making their debut this fall! 
And we want to give you the first chance to secure one.

Since we know these signs will be in high demand -- and we will be ordering very limited quantities -- we're offering key supporters the chance to reserve a sign with just a $5 donation.
Once signs arrive in the fall, they will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. Don't leave it to chance: guarantee your Hogsett for Mayor yard sign today! 
Want to spread your support and help us place additional signs in your part of the city? With a $25 or $50 donation we will make sure you, as well as key locations in your neighborhood, are proudly letting people know: We Need Joe. 
Thanks for all you do,
Thomas Cook
Hogsett for Indianpolis

P.S. -- Know someone who will want a sign? Be sure to share this with them!

I put the idea up on my personal Facebook profile, and opinions seemed split.  As a candidate myself, I offer free yard signs.  In fact, I have about 90 of them in my garage ready to find a yard in District 20.

While some may be turned off by this tactic, I personally think it's an interesting idea.  Hogsett seems to be running a frugal campaign last month having sent out a plea for donated office supplies and even office furniture.  It seems like they want to spend only the dollars they take in for what they really need.

Hopefully, Joe will guard the city's coffers in the same manner.


Anonymous said...

Nothing against campaign yard signs, up to a point. If they're expected to sit there for a year, or more, perhaps they rise to the eyesore level of billboards? I understand the freedom of speech issues, but it would be lovely to see th speech a bit more tightly related to the event, irrespective of which side of the event one takes.

johnnystir said...

I would suppose that if you're motivated to throw down $5 for a yard sign that you're going to take care of it better than ones just thrown up by supporters.

Anonymous said...

Yard signs absolutely don't influence votes, regardless of their resting place.