Monday, July 27, 2015

Democrats Gather for 8th Annual Picnic at Garfield Park

Ain't No Party Like a Democrat Party!
For the 8th-straight year, Democrats gathered under the Pagoda at Garfield Park for the United Democrats Picnic.

Probably 150 to 200 candidates, officeholders, and rank-and-file Democrats from all walks of life, backgrounds, and sides of town gathered to swap stories, laugh, win door prizes and dine on some delicious food.

It's always interesting for me to people watch.  This year, I was in the eye of the action as a candidate, but I still got a chance to sit back and just watch things develop.  Congressman Andre Carson spoke about what I saw best, "Look around people," Carson said. "Our party looks like the United Nations!"

Mostly the focus was on the upcoming Mayor's race.  Joe Hogsett reminded everyone that, from Sunday, just 99 days remained in the campaign.  It's 98 as you read this.  He talked about working hard and taking nothing for granted as he and his campaign continue to make this campaign a countywide fight.

City-County Council candidates like myself also got a chance to speak up and speak out, and most of the ticket was in attendance.  Candidates from Lawrence and Beech Grove were there.

Also making the rounds were legislative candidates for 2016 and candidate for U.S. Senate, Baron Hill.  Dressed in a dark pink shirt and khakis, Hill worked the crowd and told me that the campaign is "going great" and that he was "encouraged" by the reception he's getting.  It was the first opportunity I had ever had to speak with the former Congressman, and he looked tanned and ready to go take the fight to the Republicans.

Glenda Ritz was the only gubernatorial candidate in attendance.  She spoke briefly and received a warm reception from the crowd.  John Gregg and Karen Tallian both had other commitments that kept them from attending though the efforts to get them on the ballot continued with petition signing.

It was a very enjoyable afternoon.

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