Friday, July 17, 2015

Buttigieg Ignores Laughable Anti-LGBT Crusader

Mayor Pete Buttigieg
South Bend
Honest to goodness, people that live in Indiana can be unnerving sometimes.

A few weeks back, Mayor Pete Buttigieg announced in a newspaper op/ed that he was gay.  Initially, he received almost universal praise for his bravery and his decision to reveal his sexuality.  It's not easy to do for someone let alone when you are running one of Indiana's largest cities and in the middle of a reelection run.

A few days later a group identifying itself as the South Bend Leadership Coalition put on its tinfoil hat and started dreaming up conspiracy theories.

I mean...Buttigieg is gay, so he MUST be in cahoots with that gay agenda of "Wall Street and Hollywood" to destroy South Bend.  I'm just joking, right?  Nope.  That's what they think.

The laughable leader of the motley crew, Dr. E. Michael Jones accused the Mayor of many things from corruption to deception to immorality.  Here's Dr. Jones' manifesto if you wish to read it.  There's a pretty comical video at the bottom where Jones loses his mind (Hint: he thinks gay people are "defective").  Dr. Jones believes that Buttigieg's announcement is a sign that he's ...  you know what ... who cares?  Read the link if you want to see it.

Most disrespectfully, in my view, Dr. Jones believes that Buttigieg's sexual orientation somehow affects his ability to run the city.  That being gay somehow makes you unable to do your job.

Listen.  Anyone can get a crowd at a news conference, and the SBLC did.  On Monday night, they took their complaints to the South Bend City Council meeting and got more media.  The good news is that Mayor Buttigieg's supporters came out to back him, too.

To his credit, Buttigieg has never dignified the group with any kind of response.  He knows they are a group on the margin of society.  It's beneath him to even waste his breath responding, and he knows it.  It's still sad that the Mayor of South Bend has to put up with this kind of disrespect, but it comes with the territory I suppose.

What I do know is that Pete Buttigieg conducts himself with intelligence, with class, and with excellence.  He's been a great Mayor of South Bend, and he's going to be reelected whether Dr. Jones likes it or not.


Hugh Beaumont said...

Gay people are notorious blackmailers, traitors and have a suicide rate 14 times above average. Oh, and did I say that crash jumbo jets and metroliners? I think the person who wrote this article should challenge E. Michael Jones to a debate on public access. He will say that he wouldn't "dignify" Dr. Jones with a debate, but of course, as you all know, this is the way dishonest people cover their cowardice.

johnnystir said...

Loved your work in Leave It to Beaver, Hugh. I thought you had passed several years ago.

Hugh Beaumont said...

I did. Whoever said the internet was only for the living? :) And thanks for the plug - I don't get much fan mail.