Friday, June 26, 2015

Tallian Shares Vision for Indiana

Senator Karen Tallian
I attended the Perry Township Democratic Club Meeting last night, and the speaker for the evening was Senator Karen Tallian.

It was the first time I had a chance to hear Tallian speak about her plans and qualifications as she continues her run for Governor of Indiana, and I was impressed with what she said.  She connected well with the friendly audience.

On her opponents, she took it easy.  Tallian said she wouldn't say anything bad about John Gregg.  She said she worked for John last time to get him elected. "He came close, but he didn't win," Tallian said.

She said she believed she could draw a broader coalition of support than Gregg mentioning specifically women.  She didn't go into detail, and she did not mention Glenda Ritz at all.

Tallian did talk about why she believes she would be a good Governor of Indiana.    "I am the only candidate in the race that has a current working relationship with the Republican supermajority," Tallian said.  As an example, she cited how she wrote and shepherded through a bill on mortgage foreclosure despite being one of the very few Democrats in the Indiana Senate.

It's that working relationship with the Republican supermajority that is something that gives her a big advantage over her two opponents.  As the only Democrat in a statewide executive office, Ritz is reviled by most Republicans in the General Assembly, and John Gregg's been out of the legislature for years.

The question remains, can Tallian get any traction?  She's working to get her signatures in line to get on the ballot, and she has a strong message.  While there's no question she could do the job of Governor, she lacks the name recognition and organization of her two opponents.  She's starting at zero here while Gregg and Ritz are somewhere down the field organizationally.  Message-wise, she's right on target for rank-and-file Democrats to support.

I am glad I got to hear Tallian speak.  She's out and about, and she has a lot to say.

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