Monday, June 15, 2015

Second Hogsett Ad Centers on Father's Injury

Joe Hogsett's second ad brings some power.

The candidate speaks for himself in this ad telling the story of how his father was seriously injured in a car accident at what looks to be Kentucky Avenue and Raymond Street.  It happened on Joe's sixth birthday.

I think it's a highly effective 30 seconds of advertising that gives a person a bit of insight into who Joe Hogsett is.


Eric said...

I actually saw this ad on T.V. last night, while watching a college baseball game on ESPN. I sat up in my chair and said "Wait a minute; that's Joe Hogsett!". Glad he is on the air way ahead of the Republicans. Good ad!

Anonymous said...

I believe that the AD portrayed that his father was killed in an automobile accident but then he continues on talking about everything but, better laws to protect people involved in car accidents. I viewed it as a plea to gain sympathy votes...plain and simple.

johnnystir said...

His father was not killed, and he never says that in the ad.