Monday, June 8, 2015

Potential Harrison Entry Won't Change Bottom Line

Reverend Harrison receives the Sagamore
of the Wabash from Gov. Mike Pence
There's allegedly a "Draft Reverend Charles Harrison" movement going on out there, according to Abdul-Hakim Shabazz in a piece he wrote for his Indy Politics website.

Reverend Harrison has made no announcement as to his future as a candidate.  He declined the Libertarian Party nomination and will not be running, obviously, on a major ticket.  The 3,000 signatures needed to run as an independent candidate must be gathered rather quickly to get on the November ballot.

As the head of the Ten Point Coalition, there are few more visible individuals out there fighting against street crime and fighting some of the other issues plaguing our streets.  Certainly, he is a compelling candidate for Mayor if a non-traditional one.

There's bad news. Harrison's millions of dollars behind Joe Hogsett, and Hogsett has built a strong reputation as a crime fighter on the other end of the judicial system as U.S. Attorney.  Hogsett also has been running, has been on the air with commercials, and has broad mainstream support from elected officials on the Democratic side.

Harrison has close ties to Greg Ballard Deputy Mayor and brief Mayoral candidate Olgen Williams.  That could spell trouble for Chuck Brewer, the Republican nominee for Mayor.

Brewer does not have the background as a crime fighter, and he's now carrying the Ballard Administration's record which seems to be limping through its final few months.  I don't believe Harrison could beat Brewer, but he certainly makes it tougher on him to somehow get the votes he'll need to beat Hogsett.

Harrison's prospective entry as a candidate doesn't really change the calculus of this race for me.  Joe Hogsett's still the heavy favorite.


Wilson46201 said...

Misguided Republicans may be pushing Rev. Harrison to run as an Independent hoping he'll split the Black vote which normally would vote for Hogsett thus allowing Brewer to slip in to victory.

johnnystir said...

That might work on a candidate not named Joe Hogsett. Hogsett, however, is extremely popular in the African-American community and has the support of all mainstream Democratic politicians that I know of.