Tuesday, June 30, 2015

November Ballot Takes Shape

Depending on what happens with the campaign of Reverend Charles Harrison as an independent, you'll have either two or three candidates for Mayor of Indianapolis in the fall.

Republican Chuck Brewer
Democrat Joe Hogsett
Independent Charles Harrison (Depending on validation of signatures and acceptance of nomination)

Your November Council ballot has also taken its final shape.  Here are the combatants who filed in the three major parties.  Incumbents indicated with an asterisk.  (At-Large) means that the Councillor is currently an At-Large Councillor and not an incumbent in that district.

District 1 
Leroy Robinson (D)* (At-Large)
Brian Jones (R)

District 2
Kip Tew (D)* (At-Large)
Sam Goldstein (L)
Colleen Fanning (R)

District 3
Christine Scales (R)*
Pam Hickman (D)* (At-Large)
Christopher Bowen (L)

District 4
Mike McQuillen (R)*
Ray Biederman (D)

District 5
Curtis Bigsbee (D)
Jeff Coats (R)

District 6
Janice McHenry (R)*
Frank Islas (D)

District 7
Joe Simpson (D)*
Adrianne Slash (R)

District 8
Monroe Gray (D)*
Patrick Midla (R)

District 9
Duke Oliver (D)*
Chuck Madden (R)
Caitlin Young (L)

District 10
Maggie Lewis (D)*
Terry Bible (R)

District 11
Vop Osili (D)*
Remy O'Guin (R)

District 12
Michael Gunyon (L)
Blake Johnson (D)
Susan Marie Smith (R)

District 13
Stephen Clay (D)*
Terry Miller-Penquite (R)

District 14
La Keisha Jackson (D)*
Terry Dove (R)

District 15
Marilyn Pfisterer (R)*
Chris Wall (D)
Laurie Works (L)

District 16
Jeff Miller (R)*
Emily Shrock (D)

District 17
Zach Adamson (D)*
Sally Spiers (R)

District 18
Eddie Barnes (D)
Susie Cord (R)

District 19
Ben Hunter (R)*
David Ray (D)

District 20
Jason Holliday (R)*
Jon Easter (D)

District 21
Frank Mascari (D)*
Anthony Davidson (R)

District 22
Bob Lutz (R)*
Jared Evans (D)

District 23
Scott Kreider (R)
Douglas McNaughton (L)

District 24
Jack Sandlin (R)*

District 25
Aaron Freeman (R)*
Michael Jasper (L)
Jeff Wheeler (D)

If you live in one of the excluded communities or other locales within Marion County, you may have more on your ballot than just Mayor and Council.  Check the Marion County Election Board's website for those races at www.indy.gov/elections.

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