Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Libertarians Won't Field Candidate for Mayor in 2015; Republicans Fill Slate, Dems Two Districts Short

Last minute filings came in, and the Libertarians DID NOT file a candidate for Mayor of Indianapolis.

The Libertarians did file candidates in seven City-County Council Districts.

District 2-Sam Goldstein
District 3-Christopher Bowen
District 9-Caitlin Young
District 12-Michael Gunyon
District 15-Laurie Works
District 23-Douglas McNaughton
District 25-Michael Jasper

Republicans filled seven City-County Council Districts meaning the GOP has a full slate of candidates in all 25 Council Districts.

District 1-Brian Jones
District 7-Adrianne Slash
District 8-Patrick Midla
District 9-Chuck Madden
District 10-Terry Bible
District 11-Remy O'Guin
District 14-Terry Dove

Democrats, according to the Clerk's Office, did not file a candidate in Districts 23 or 24. So...based upon information I have...

Congratulations on your reelection Jack Sandlin in District 24.

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