Friday, June 19, 2015

Hogsett Gets Personal with Second Ad; Brewer Bio Largely Remains Mystery

As discussed earlier this week, Joe Hogsett released his second TV ad of the campaign, and it's not even July yet.

This ad takes a more personal tone than the first ad where an announcer read things people had written about Hogsett. It was an ad to bolster his credentials as a crime fighter. The second spot gets to the heart of the matter. Hogsett talks about his sixth birthday and how his father was injured in a car accident at Kentucky Avenue and Raymond Street.  Here's the ad in case you missed it.

Chuck Brewer hasn't been on TV, but he did spend some money on a snappy YouTube ad touting Indianapolis' virtues and talking about his decision to put his business in Indianapolis. It's targeted, strangely, towards businesses in Connecticut it seems as Brewer says in the first lines of the ad that he was born there. It is the most we've heard biographically about the Republican nominee. He remains largely a mystery to voters.

While Hogsett has made a couple of policy rollouts in the area of government transparency and targeting at-risk teens with a jobs program, Brewer had a news conference yesterday where he announced his "Envision Indy" plan.  Among one of his proposals was to appoint a Republican and a Democrat to the IPS Board of School Commissioners.  This drew criticism by a couple of IPS school board members on Facebook.

We still largely know little about Chuck Brewer, and it's unclear if he's ever going to tell us more than he's a business owner and single father who once worked at Sears Holdings and is a retired Lt. Colonel from the Marine Corps.

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William said...

I don't know why Brewer didn't do more of a biopic ad. Also I know not everyone if from Indy or even Indiana. But why in your first spot to promote yourself would you praise the fact you weren't born here. Talk more about what brought you to Indy or why you decided to start your business here.

To me it also comes across more like an ad that the Chamber of Commerce might do. The other thing is at least when I found it, they had it set where it couldn't be shared. How does he expect to get out his name and increase his profile if he won't allow free sharing of his ad. He is never going to have as much money as Hogsett and Hogsett's name ID is going to be larger simply because of his time as US District Attorney and his previous campaigns.