Friday, June 26, 2015

Hite Should Apologize to Levin for Jim Jones Comparison

Bill Levin
I understand why Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry and IMPD Chief Rick Hite had a joint (hehehe) press conference today to announce how they would be handling the First Church of Cannabis service on July 1.

Heck, from the sound of it, even Grand Poobah Bill Levin sounds like he understands.

What I don't understand is Hite's out of left field comparison between Levin's group to Jim Jones' People's Temple.  He owes Levin an apology.

Chief Rick Hite
Bill Levin is not Jim Jones.  The First Church of Cannabis is not the People's Temple. Comparisons are not warranted.

The infamous Jones, a native Hoosier, was a mass murderer whose group assassinated Congressman Leo Ryan after leaving Indianapolis, moving to San Francisco and eventually to Guyana.  Jones led his congregation to a mass suicide on November 18, 1978 and over 900 died.

Levin, who ran for City-County Council in 2011, has little in common with the preacher-turned-lunatic Jones.  Levin's dedicated his public life to efforts to legalize marijuana in the State of Indiana.  This First Church of Cannabis experiment is more to stick it to the man and spread the word that direction rather than do the horrid things Jones did.  In fact, Levin is the anti-Jones, in my opinion.  His motto..."One Love."

Hite's flippant remarks show should not be allowed to stand.  He should apologize to Levin for the unwarranted comparison.

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Veracity said...

You are spot-on. Hite needs to be called to task for not recognizing the difference between someone who promotes the deaths of hundreds of people and someone who, at worst, is accomodating the recreational use of marijuana. When the city's top crime fighter cannot tell the difference between the two, it makes one wonder why he is in that position.