Monday, June 29, 2015

Harrison Site Appears Online

Rev. Charles Harrison
A website encouraging Reverend Charles Harrison to run for Mayor has appeared online. is online now with an accompanying Facebook page.  It has no disclaimer, so it's impossible to tell who's paying for the effort.  Also, the site appears just one day before the deadline to get the necessary 3,000+ signatures to get Rev. Harrison on the ballot if he's running as an independent.

My feeling is that there probably has been an effort to get the Reverend on the ballot ongoing.  It's just very strange timing that this website would pop up just days before the deadline to get on the ballot.  You'd figure that any grassroots effort would have been up for weeks.

Instead, this appears more like an astroturf effort to get him on the ballot to me.  There's a very organized effort that's been going on, in my opinion.

I guess more shall be revealed by the end of the week.

I've said repeatedly that Rev. Harrison entering the race doesn't change Joe Hogsett's status as a frontrunner, but it will make everything a lot more interesting.

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Anonymous said...

If this guy gets in the race. what has he managed before that makes him qualified to be Mayor?
I'd be curious to see the "Books" to see exactly how he has managed the cities money
that has been given to Ten Point. Also the donations, how has that been managed?