Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Beech Grove Mayor Buckley Speaks Out: Calls Wal-Mart YouTube Fight Video "Embarrassing", Calls Retailer "Not a Good Corporate Partner"

Mayor Dennis Buckley
In the midst of the aftermath of video of the fight that has gone viral from the Beech Grove Wal-Mart, Beech Grove Mayor Dennis Buckley has spoken out against Wal-Mart via his personal Facebook page:

(I've quoted the Mayor directly from his FB page only spacing between paragraphs.)
"You don't really know a company until you start working with them. I have learned by trying to deal with them that the Beech Grove Wal Mart is NOT a good corporate partner. 
This should be of no surprise to anyone. They drain our police resources every single day, their customers increase our crime numbers, they do not maintain there property (especially in the back) and I consider them a public nuisance. They are even fighting us over a permit for fireworks. 
Yesterday after the incident with the police pursuit, our city attorney wrote a strongly worded message to their corporate local legal group that the cavalier attitude of the folks at the Beech Grove Walmart is going to be addressed through future legal action. 
So what have we done to try to curb Walmarts miss use of our resources. As you know we created a compliance division last April to start to address environmental and nuisance matters throughout our beautiful city. 
The City Council has recently passed new environmental and public nuisance ordinances to start addressing these issues. Our City Council has taken a strong position concerning properties such as this one who continuously drain our resources . This is good work which will result in future remedies. These ordinances need to take time to be enforced. 
As a result of the strongly worded letter to Walmart (and the U tube video) they have requested a meeting to discuss our pending legal maneuvers. 
I'm not sure how long Walmart has been in Beech Grove but up until about two years ago, the city did not attempt to pursue any remedy for this type of miss use of government resources, the city just let it happen. We will work with the City Council through further ordinances if needed to get the attention of public nuisances such as the Beech Grove Walmart. 
Once again the Beech Grove Police Department exercised very good judgment in withdrawing from the vehicle pursuit long before the accident occurred. Once again Walmart failed to control their property. Our condolences go out to the family who was the innocent victim of a senseless tragedy. 
The U tube video was embarrassing to the City of Beech Grove and the people who live in our beautiful city. Walmart should be ashamed of itself once again for failing to control the people who enter their store."

This is just one side of the story, and Buckley clearly levels some hefty charges.  It will be interesting to see if Wal-Mart has a response.


Brian Sweany said...

The Beech Grove Wal-Mart has had 1,278 visits from police and 473 arrests...in the last 16 months! How is that even possible?

Anonymous said...

Just some observations:
1. The same people acting out in the store are from the community, so they will still be there with or without walmart.
2. Blaming walmart for not controlling people on site opens the mayor up for blame in not controlling the citizens or stores in his community.

gmonsen said...

I When I read this originally, I was convinced the mayor was a Democrat. Only a Democrat would come up with something as insane as this. Beech Grove clearly has a lot of bad citizens. Walmart is not the bad citizen. The residents are the bad actors here. But the Democrat party always wants to blame someone. The town is the victim. Walmart is the perpetrator. Right. Beech Grove is a baby Detroit in the making. Democrats cannot solve problems, but they are great at blaming someone for their problems...