Thursday, May 7, 2015

With Others Out of Way, Hogsett and Brewer Set to Battle

Finally, it's here.

Chuck Brewer and Joe Hogsett won by wide margins over their May opponents, so it's off to November with these two candidates carrying their respective party standards.

Let's be honest.  Republicans were lucky to find Chuck Brewer.  He seems like a nice enough guy who comes across well when he speaks.  Brewer would be a great candidate for Mayor of any number of towns or cities across the state, but not Indianapolis.  His Marine Corps background and business experience sound extremely familiar to another Republican candidate that ran for the Mayor's Office back in 2007.

This is not 2007.  For the first time this century, there's no incumbent on the ballot.  Chuck Brewer is the standard bearer for the Republican Party that has held the Mayor's Office since January 1, 2008.  While he may be the frontrunner, Joe Hogsett is the challenger to the Republican throne.  The former U.S. Attorney seems more than ready to lead.

Indianapolis needs a guy like Joe Hogsett.  Indy needs someone that knows his way around and that doesn't require gowik  Joe is not tall in stature, but he's larger than life.  When he stopped at the site I was campaigning at on Tuesday, he was near the end of his 100-plus mile trek across Marion County.  He had been shaking hands and kissing babies all day long.  That said, he hopped out of the SUV he was riding in and hit the campaign trail again.  He didn't look a bit tired and looked like he was more than ready for more.

Brewer vs. Hogsett...Hogsett vs. Brewer...

I look forward to what will be a great discussion of the issues facing our city.  Here we go.

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