Friday, May 22, 2015

Hogsett Lapping Brewer in Mayor's Race

Hogsett Making Phone Calls
Photo from Joe Hogsett for Mayor on Facebook
Not much of a race of Mayor so far, is there?

This “race” is starting to resemble the 1984 Indianapolis 500 where Rick Mears lapped the entire field and won by two laps.

In the “Yellow Submarine” Pennzoil Z-7 Penske March is Joe Hogsett. He’s driving a great race so far just like Mears did that year. He’s barely put a wheel in the wrong spot.

Struggling to keep up is Chuck Brewer. It was going to be a long haul for the businessman and restaurant owner anyway, but Hogsett has already announced two major policy initiatives.

Brewer is stuck in neutral. Hogsett could have his car in neutral, too, but he knows that won’t win an election going away. He wants to put some margin between himself and Brewer.

He’s doing it. His jobs initiative for teens represents a public/private partnership that promises to really make a difference in crime in this city. Now he’s introduced a package of government ethics reforms that will prevent the kind of corruption he prosecuted when he was U.S. Attorney. Hogsett’s rolling things out and showing that he’s ready to lead Indianapolis. Brewer is…stuck in the garage.

There’s a long way to go and many laps to run in this Mayor’s Race before it can be called, but it’s clear that Joe Hogsett is running away with this one and is well on his way to crossing the yard of bricks before Chuck Brewer even gets off Gasoline Alley.

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