Monday, May 4, 2015

Garrison Possibly Steals Yard Sign; Maybe Gets in Rough and Tumble

Garrison in happier times
Sometimes, as a blogger, a story just comes right from heaven and lands in your lap.

Now, with Rush Limbaugh's show getting the old heave ho at WIBC, I know Greg Garrison must think his show might be next.  After all, the 67-year-old Garrison stands out like a sore thumb among his younger colleagues on the air.  Besides, I think Greg Garrison has been doing the same darn show for years.

His show is more stale than the loaf of bread that's been sitting on my counter for weeks.  Anyway, the pressure or something MIGHT be getting into the man who put away Mike Tyson.

Allegedly, according to reports, a gray-haired man got out of a BMW SUV registered to Garrison and took down a "Mike Pence Must Go" sign.  This was witnessed by the neighbor of the house with the Pence sign in his yard.  When confronted, the white haired man and the neighbor got into a tussle resulting in minor injuries to both parties.

Now, the police can't prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Garrison is the man who took the sign and got into a rough and tumble because, according to reports, the neighbor isn't interested in pushing the case further.

Am I the only one that wishes there was a video of the incident?


Kilroy said...

Beyond a reasonable doubt...

Anonymous said...

This Was a hit job, from the reliable sources I read in the star's comment section.