Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Fighting Same Sex Marriage Cost Hoosier Taxpayers

Indiana's crusade to keep same-sex couples from the right to marry cost its taxpayers $1.4 million.

That's what the Indianapolis Star says the state has paid out in attorney's fees to the plaintiffs in a handful of cases.  That total doesn't include the amount the state paid to its own attorneys and to construct its own unsuccessful case.

Greg Zoeller insists it was his duty to defend the state in court, but other attorneys general in other states have decided not to fight what has become clear in light of the Supreme Court decision to federally recognize same-sex marriages.

The largest settlement, according to the Star, went to Amy Sandler and the late Niki Quasney whose fight for recognition of their marriage in Indiana became a race against time.  For the last few months of her life, Quasney finally saw her relationship recognized as a marriage in Indiana before she succumbed to cancer in February.

Mark this down with the growing amount of money wasted by the Republican regime in Indiana fighting against LGBT Hoosiers.  At least those $1.4 million went back to the community and those that defended it.

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