Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Silence of the Councillors

Bob Lutz
Jason Holliday
I was sitting at a Decatur Township Civic Council meeting last night at the Decatur Middle School, and City-County Councillors Jason Holliday and Bob Lutz were in attendance.

I am Jason's opponent in the General Election (as long as we both receive one vote on Tuesday, May 5), but I like Councillor Holliday.  He's been very cordial to me for years, and I do consider him a friend.  I've also gotten to know Councillor Lutz as well.

While I disagree strongly with both men on many issues, we're cordial, and I hope we'll stay that way when this campaign is all over.

As you know if you have been following this blog for any length of time, it's been a really interesting time to be a City-County Councillor.  For one, the Council just defeated Mayor Greg Ballard's veto on public safety funds by an overwhelming vote.  Both Holliday and Lutz voted to override the veto.  Secondly, the Council took a stand on RFRA urging its repeal at the state legislature and advocated adding LGBT Hoosiers to the state's anti-discrimination law.  Holliday voted against that measure while Lutz voted in favor.

Given the opportunity to report anything to the 20 or so people who attended the meeting, both Councillors Holliday and Lutz passed on the opportunity.  Councillor Lutz only adding a couple of dates to the given presentation by Keep Indianapolis Beautiful on emerald ash borer meetings (critical to the city, to be sure, but adding nothing to what the Council has been working on in the last month).

I'm not saying that you have to give a doctoral dissertation every month, but if after this wild month on the Council you have nothing to report, then when will you have something to report, Councillors?

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