Thursday, April 30, 2015

Ritz Announces She's Considering Gubernatorial Run

Supt. Glenda Ritz
From the be careful what you wish for department, Republicans wishing to undercut Glenda Ritz from her position as Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction were informed today that Ritz will announce her intentions for 2016 in June.

That could include her running for Governor of Indiana.

Back in November, Ritz announced she would be running for reelection to her position as Superintendent of Public Instruction, but that was before the blatant attempt to knock her from power by the Indiana General Assembly and the emboldening of the State Board of Education which is controlled to a great extent by Governor Mike Pence.

It could be said that the state's highest elected official on education would be the Governor since that individual seats six of the soon to be nine slots on the State Board of Education.  In the waning moments of the 2015 General Assembly session and without public debate, the SBOE was placed into more of a policy-making role along side the Department of Education controlled by the Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Ritz stated that she would get through this school year and decide with her family what is next for her this summer.  Her possible candidacy announcement overshadowed that announcement by John Gregg that he would be running for Governor again.
With Gregg in and Ritz on the fence, it will be interesting to see who else might step into the race on the Democratic side.  Pence is widely expected to seek a second term with Angie's List CEO Bill Osterle also considering a run on the Republican side.  

I think Ritz COULD be a tremendous candidate, but she will have the most work to do of the two possible Democrats so far.  I'll analyze her chances in tomorrow's Indy Democrat post.  

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Anonymous said...

She already has a built in massive base. Pence and Gregg will underestimate her because of that and because she is a female "librarian". This oughta be good.