Wednesday, April 8, 2015

I-69 Plan Moves Forward Over Objections of Perry Township

Perry Township would be back on the table as a route for I-69 if the full Indiana Senate passes a bill allowing it.

The Indiana Senate Homeland Security and Transportation Committee passed a measure allowing I-69 to come right through the heart of Perry Township yesterday by a vote of 5-3. The bill now goes in front of the full Indiana Senate for a vote that could come as early as today.
Rep. John Price of Greenwood, who doesn’t even live in Perry Township or along the State Road 37 corridor, sponsored the bill that overrides a piece of legislation passed eight years ago banning the interstate project from coming through the middle of the township and down one of its most important economic corridors.  Senators Brent Waltz and Pat Miller have said before they will do their best to block the bill.
According to the Indianapolis Star’s John Tuohy, business leaders located along the 37 corridor testified against the bill saying that I-69 would wreck their businesses. Indiana Chambers of Commerce from all around the state testified for the bill, according to Tuohy.
There’s still a long way to go before the interstate comes barreling through, but this plows the field for it to happen to Perry.

If it doesn't happen in Perry, Decatur Township would likely be next.  The Mann Road corridor has already been studied, and Tuohy's article above describes a path that would connect I-69 to I-70 near the airport.

I-69 will go somewhere. That much we know. The ramrod of progress will likely be needed to get it done at some point because it seems the southwest side would rather it go elsewhere.

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