Wednesday, April 1, 2015

House Considers Bill to Change State Bird

State lawmakers have introduced House Bill 4141 which will replace the state bird of Indiana, the cardinal, with the bald eagle.

Representative Perry Ellsroth (R-Stone Head) says that even though the cardinal has long been the state bird that the bald eagle will underline our state's all-American zest for freedom and liberty. "After the controversy over the RFRA, I want to make it clear that Indiana believes in freedom and justice for all.  What better way than to make the nation's enduring symbol of a bald eagle our state bird," said Ellsroth

Governor Mike Pence's Office refused to comment on the new bill, according to the South Indiana Times, "We have a lot going on right now," said a harried staffer.  "Call back in a couple of weeks."

The bald eagle was just one choice considered.  Ellsroth said that they also considered the vulture and the peacock.  "The peacock was quickly taken out of consideration for obvious reasons.  This is Indiana, after all."

If you've read this far, Happy April Fool's Day!


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Well done.

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