Thursday, April 30, 2015

Gregg Decision May Be Imminent on Gubernatorial Aspirations for 2016 (WITH UPDATE)

John Gregg
John Gregg appears closer to announcing his intentions for 2016.

The man who closed from double-digit points down in polls a month out from Election Day to just three percentage points behind when the votes were counted has stated that he's interested in running for Governor again, and he's been campaigning like another run is in his future. 

Mike Pence is expected to run again on the Republican side for reelection and could see opposition from his own party.

Via Facebook, Gregg's asking supporters to sign up for an e-mail list to get the big news he's about to share first.

It's unclear as to who else might step up and join Gregg in running for the Democratic nomination for Governor (if that's the mustachioed one's big news).  I'm sure more will come into focus perhaps as early as today because the General Assembly session is now over.

You can sign up for Gregg's email list on his website at

Gregg's IN! About 1:00 p.m. today, the former Indiana Speaker of the House announced that he would be running again for the state's highest executive office.  Here's his campaign video.


Kris said...

I just hope his campaign seems serious this time. It was a little too folksy & mustache-centric. I know he's got to appeal to the rural voters, but the campaign seemed like kind of a joke until, as you mention, the last bit of the campaign.

Wayne Moss said...

Gregg is pro-life, pro-gun and was conservative enough otherwise to almost get elected. He has to be pro-coal because of his past affiliations. That's 3 strikes, a whiff, for any progressive Democrat.