Wednesday, April 29, 2015

General Assembly to Embolden SBOE

The Indiana General Assembly changed its plan to remove power from Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz.

In the new plan, Ritz would remain in charge of the State Board of Education until her first term expires in December of 2016.  The new plan, which was completely decided by lawmakers with no input from voters or educators would instead put the SBOE on equal footing with the Indiana DOE as an "educational authority."

In January of 2017, the SBOE would then be able to choose its own chair.  That move would effectively cut the Superintendent of Public Instruction out of its powerful spot as the executive in charge of education in Indiana and place the DOE more on the same line with the SBOE.

What could possibly go wrong with two separate entities governing education?  Well, I guess Mike Pence, who would get SIX appointees on the newly-constituted nine member SBOE, would get his shadow DOE in plain sight.

I'll just be glad when this General Assembly session is gavelled closed.

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