Monday, April 20, 2015

Council Slaps Down Mayor Ballard Public Safety Veto, 28-1

Mayor Greg Ballard
Photo from Facebook
When Mayor Greg Ballard vetoed the $4.7 million that the City-County Council set aside for new cars, equipment, and police academy upgrades for IMPD, he made it clear that he was blaming the Democrats for being less than thrifty.

He went out of his way to mention "Council Democrats" in his veto statement in negative terms.

Well, Mr. Mayor, tonight the City-County Council made sure your veto was overriden by a 28-1 margin.

Enough of a bipartisan message for you, sir?  The only vote you received was by your Council leader, Mike McQuillen, and his vote, I'm sure, was more symbolic than anything.

If the Council leadership had just held the 24 votes that originally passed Proposal 47, then it would have been a message, but they gained four including the vote of a very sick Aaron Freeman who talked about how recent events and a discussion with the wife of an IMPD officer had changed his mind on the issue.

On some things, it's hard to separate out the politics from the proposal.  Mayor Ballard got caught playing politics with public safety.  The Mayor...not the this one wrong, and the Mayor was embarrassed by his own caucus that couldn't even hold all the original no's.

If this had been an NBA slam dunk, he would have just gotten posterized by the Council.

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