Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Boots Comments Symptom of Republican Power Drunkedness

Sen. Phil Boots (R-1955)
Phil Boots lost his ever-loving mind on Saturday at a legislative breakfast.

The Republican Senator from Crawfordsville has shown that he's ready to be laughingstock before having actually written a bill that questioned the federal law in Indiana for the 2013 session.  That bill, if passed, would have given Indiana the authority to declare federal laws it didn't like unconstitutional.  (Pause for laughter)

According to the Paper of Montgomery County Online and reporter Scotty Cameron, Boots was asked by a Wabash Professor if he was ready to add LGBT Hoosiers to the state's non-discrimination clause, and the Senator responded, "It's a bigger issue. I want to
know where my protected class is for me as white, Anglo-Saxon Protestant."

Boots' Horribly Gerrymandered
District 23
Yeah, no one is laughing at you this time, Senator Boots.  I'd try to explain civil rights law to you, but I'm not an attorney.  Furthermore, you seem to be so out of touch in your horribly gerrymandered seat that stretches from Boone County to the state line that you couldn't give a care anyway.

I'll give you a clue.  These are the kinds of things power-drunk Republicans in the Indiana General Assembly say and they usually come back to bite them.  So...drink away, Senator Boots.

Just the right conciliatory note to hit after these rough few weeks of the RFRA battle, don't you think?

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