Friday, April 10, 2015

Bill to Remove Ritz from Chairmanship of SBOE Advances

The Senate Education Committee, led by Dennis Kruse (an auctioneer), passed Senate Bill 1 through Committee 8-4. The bill will now go to the full Senate.

It’s another brazen move by the Indiana Senate which may or may not be out of political capital points after the RFRA debacle and other issues. 

SB 1 will remove Glenda Ritz from being Chair of the State Board of Education and marginalize her power. The Superintendent of Public Instruction has been the chair of the SBOE for over 100 years, but, for some reason that’s not good enough for this session of the General Assembly.

Voters went to the polls and elected Ritz in 2012 to be the Chair of the State Board of Education, and, with one swoop, the Senate booted her from that spot. Proponents of the bill say that it doesn’t change anything really and that Ritz could still be the chair of the State Board of Education if the SBOE selects her. Fact of the matter, the board has been working against her since she took office. Now, if this passes, an unelected person will be in charge of the unelected SBOE.

Why pay attention to the will of the voters when it’s this easy to overturn it, right? 

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