Monday, April 20, 2015

Ballard Camp Drops $400K on Brewer

Friday was the deadline for campaign finance reports to be turned in prior to the May Primary of the 2015 election cycle.

I'm sure everyone clamored to find out that I have $182 and some change in my campaign account.  It's a work in progress.  In reality, most were looking to see how much money each of the Mayoral frontrunners had raised in their campaign accounts.

Democrat Joe Hogsett heads into the post-primary season with $2.33 million raised and $2.16 million on hand.  In this year alone, Hogsett has raised over $955,000.

On the Republican side, slated candidate Chuck Brewer has raised an impressive $671,730 this quarter and has over $657,000 on hand.  When you dig deeper, you'll see a contribution from Mayor Greg Ballard's campaign committee in the amount of $400,000.  None of the other Mayoral candidates have raised much...if anything.

On one hand, you have to give Brewer some credit.  He got a late start, and he has raised some cash quickly even without the huge gift from the Ballard campaign.  You also have to applaud Ballard's campaign for writing the check.  I guess this should signal that Ballard is not looking to run for anything else.  He still has some money in the bank.

For Hogsett's campaign, this is extremely impressive.  $2.16 million cash on hand is formidable for any local race.  It means he can run pretty much the race he wants to run right now and the money will still keep flowing in.

As Bart Peterson will tell you, money isn't everything in a local race, and that much is true.  We know it's going to take more than cash to win, but I think Joe Hogsett as a favorite to win is extremely formidable because Joe's usually used to running from behind.

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