Monday, March 9, 2015

Time Says It's Time to Accept DST

On Sunday, we flipped our clocks forward one hour to pretend it's an hour later than it really is in order to have an extra hour of sunlight.

It wasn't a hard thing to do, but it does take my body a couple of weeks to adjust to the change in daylight vs. clock time.  Once that happens, I'm pretty on board with the silly as it seems.

You see, I grew up in an Indiana that didn't change its clocks.  We stayed on one time all year around, and we liked it!  We also walked uphill both ways to school barefoot and with no lunch money.  We liked that, too.

When the law changed, I fought it because I was a stick in the mud Hoosier.  I cried bloody murder about having to change our clocks.  I even know some people who, to this day, are always doing conversions in their heads because they REFUSE to change their clocks.

If you're holding on that hard, I'm sorry.  Times change...sometimes literally.  I've bought in to this, and you can, too.  If there is a debate to be had these days, it's does Indiana belong on Eastern or Central time?  There are certainly pros and cons to that discussion.  I'd love to have Sunday Night Football over an hour earlier on a night where I have to work the next morning, for example.

For me, this issue couldn't be more dead.  It doesn't ruffle my feathers, and, since I don't own a drive-in movie theater, it doesn't harm my business.  I'm just going with the flow these days.  The days of Indiana not moving its clocks are gone like single class high school basketball, Bob Knight, and a full house at the Brickyard 400.


Paul K. Ogden said...

The debate over Indiana's time has been going on since at least 1949, but actually I think even decades earlier than that.

We have had DST imposed and repealed several times, we've been in the Central Time Zone and the Eastern Time Zone. There is no reason to believe that the great Indiana time debate has ended or will end in our lifetimes.

Zion Moulder said...

It's just annoying. Two hours of extra sleep in the fall does not make up for one hour of missed sleep in the Spring. >.<

Anonymous said...

The obvious answer to this debacle (if it needed an answer) was DST in Central time. This was a geography quiz. And no, Mitch, people in New York STILL don't care what time it is here.