Saturday, March 28, 2015

Slumbering Electorate Awakened, Angry Over RFRA

Today's Statehouse Rally
Photo Courtesy Indy Pride on Facebook
The electorate is awake.

From social media to public protests, Hoosiers have awakened in the name of civil rights over passage and signing of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.  They're mad and they're motivated.

The sad thing is that it's March of 2015.  We're months from the next time the Indiana General Assembly and the Governor have to meet the voters, and there's ample time for that electorate to fall back into its slumber.  It's going to be the jobs of the 2015 candidates to keep this issue at the front of the discussion because it does effect every layer of government.

Angie's List announced today that it will no longer pursue the movement of its headquarters to the Eastside of Indianapolis.  While this will save Indy taxpayers $18+ million (YAY), it will also rob us of the potential jobs it may have brought.  Other companies have made the decision to stop doing business with Indiana, too.

Abdul-Hakim Shabazz has said that this law takes effect as of July 1 and that he expects a lawsuit soon after.  Translation: this issue is not going to die out.

I would add that folks need to stay vigilant.  There's still a month to go in this General Assembly session, and the Common Construction Wage appears next on the docket.  This 80-year-old law creates a board to set the wage for workers on public projects.  Governor Mike Pence is employing a full-court press to get rid of this law.  Get educated and speak out!

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ralphandavas said...

Please explain to me in the simplest of terms why a company like Angie's List would not continue their pursuit of the state funds? They could hire the best and the brightest from the LGBT community to further promote and NOT discriminate against the LGBT community. They could use their platform to promote LGBT owned businesses. I think by crossing their arms and stomping feet will hurt more than help.