Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Religious Freedom Restoration Bill Passes Committee

The so-called "Religious Freedom Restoration" bill passed out of the Indiana House Judiciary Committee and on to second reading for more amendments.

The bill, which would allow individuals of faith to discriminate on how they offer services based upon their religious beliefs now simply needs a marjority of House members and Governor Pence's signature to become law.

Translation: We're "this close" to putting discrimination into law in Indiana.

Freedom Indiana is doing its part.  They had a rally at the Statehouse yesterday morning which was followed by a rally of supporters of the law.  Freedom Indiana had this to say about the Judiciary Committee's decision:

"We're disappointed that the committee didn't heed warnings about the unintended consequences this bill will have on Indiana's economy and Hoosier families. 
"We're encouraged, however, that lawmakers were willing to make changes to improve the bill. We hope they are open to continuing the dialogue about protecting those who will be most negatively affected should Senate Bill 101 become law.

"On behalf of the more than 50,000 people who are part of Freedom Indiana, we will continue to fight this dangerous legislation, and we will make sure our voices are heard."
The fight goes on for this one.

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