Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Pre-K Investment Will Make Difference for Indy

I watched most of Monday night's City-County Council meeting from my living room on Monday night.  It's so good to have WCTY, and they do such a tremendous job of bringing City-County government to everyone across Marion County.

With interest, I watched the debate over the Pre-K plan that was passed.  I remembered what a struggle it was to get that proposal to the floor for a vote.  It took a tremendous amount of negotiation from what Mayor Greg Ballard originally wanted to what actually got sent to his desk for his signature.  It was an example of what the Council does right and an example of how compromise is not a dirty word.

The $4.2 million we will spend on the plan as taxpayers will bring in millions more in investment from private industry if the plan is successful, and that will provide millions of dollars for families to jump start the education of their youngsters.  It will also be an investment in education, and that benefits the entire community.

I don't buy it as a crimefighting technique, and I share the concerns of many Councillors who believe we don't do enough to build up the infrastructure of our city in roads and sidewalks, but I believe this plan builds up the intellectual infrastructure of our city.

Crime is something we need to pay attention to, and it's indeed great to hear homicides are way down in Indy so far this year.  I believe we could do more to help our teens and young people from turning to a life of crime, and I think we need to make that investment on that end of education as well.

We can discuss these important topics in the months to come, but this plan to invest in the education of our children is one way Democrats and Republicans came together to make a difference.  I know not everyone will agree, but it's a no brainer, in my opinion.

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