Monday, March 16, 2015

Moed Returns to Work

Rep. Justin Moed
Rep. Justin Moed told reporters including Abdul-Hakim Shabazz that he's not going to resign from his seat in the Indiana House.

Moed said he's getting back to work and "rebuilding trust" with those who may have been shaken by his actions.

It's up to his constituents now as to whether or not Moed's future as a legislator is in danger in this seat.  He won't have to face the voters until at least May of 2016, and we'll see if he decides to run for reelection.

As political scandals go, this has been a relatively minor one locally, and that's mostly because of the job Moed has done so far.  On that note, Gary Welsh actually raises some really good questions over on his blog about the way the Indianapolis Star has treated the story.  Read that post here.

Moed had better hope that no more you know what hits the fan.  If he knows there is something else, he had better shine a lantern on his problem.  Some, like Welsh, will keep digging.

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