Tuesday, March 24, 2015

John Gregg NO LONGER Silent on RFRA Controversy (SEE UPDATE)

John Gregg
I make no bones about it.  I'm a big fan of John Gregg, the guy with two first names who might be running for Governor.  He's my friend.

As I've previously said on this blog, I totally believe that Gregg can beat Governor Mike Pence in a statewide election, and I totally believe that he earned a second shot at the Governor's Office with the way he closed from double digits to just a few percentage points behind.  He's never really quit running for Governor, and he continues to opine on many issues on Twitter and Facebook as if he is a candidate for the office in 2016.

There is no more visible statewide Democrat running for the office right now.  That's why it's so disappointing to hear nothing from Gregg on the Religious Freedom Restoration Act just passed by the Indiana General Assembly.  The bill, after it will be passed through a conference committee will go to Pence's desk where he "looks forward" to signing it.

Social media has been alive with talk over this bill.  My Facebook and Twitter followers have been weighing in.  Even the folks from Gen Con have threatened to look at their future relationship with the City of Indianapolis if the bill is signed.  This could have long-lasting and long-standing economic ramifications for our state.

On a human level, it shows that Indiana doesn't value diversity or people of all kinds, no matter who they are or who they love.  It gives governmental permission to discriminate.  I have friends from conservative to liberal who are against it.

John Gregg has yet to tell us what he thinks about the bill.  Granted, it might be smart politics to let this play out, but this is a big one.  This could swing those last few percentage points as I know diversity-minded Republicans that are fed up with this legislature and General Assembly.  With gerrymandering, it's unlikely that Democrats will win back the Indiana General Assembly, so we need a strong Governor who is willing to take the hits and support Hoosiers of all sorts.  That's what's most important!

Is that you John Gregg?

Now, maybe I'm being unfair to John.  Baron Hill, Tom McDermott, and other possible candidates have yet to speak up, but they aren't running as hard as Gregg is.  John Gregg needs to tell us where he stands on the RFRA.

John Gregg responded at about 10:15 p.m. with this very heartfelt and impressive Facebook statement.

After a long day on the road, I am finally getting the chance to respond to what happened at the Statehouse today with RFRA. Please see my comments and share as you can...hopefully the Governor will listen. 
Fellow Hoosiers:
I sit at home tonight with my wife, Lisa. Many evenings we spend reading and I’ve just completed a series of biographies on many of our founding fathers. The current book is about Alexander Hamilton. My, what a talented, bright, independent, proud, freedom loving group of people: George Washington, Sam Adams, John Adams, Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, John Hancock, Ben Franklin and there were countless more. Many of these men were Christian, some were not but they all believed in religious freedom. That's why we have the First Amendment to the Constitution. 
I've always thought of the Constitution as something near sacred. Not to be messed with, because these founders got much of it right. And, their thoughts on the right to worship without interference from the government is mentioned as their NUMBER ONE concern, that's why it's the First Amendment. During the 2012 Campaign for Governor I mentioned time and time again, that we in Indiana needed to work on moving us forward together, creating better paying jobs, making college affordable, improving our public schools, infrastructure and the quality of life for the poor, aged and infirmed. 
All around the state I said to LEAVE SOCIAL ISSUES ALONE. Why we continue to ignore our problems is beyond me. 
As a born-again Christian, I am always amazed that many of my Christian brothers and sisters have done a great job of convincing other Americans what Christianity is 'against' but they never say what it's about. God is love. We are coming upon Easter, a very special time for me as a practicing Christian. I so look forward to our worship service that Sunday morning when I, as a private citizen, celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, the Christ. 
But there are some things that really nag at me. It's how a few of my fellow believers continue to ignore Christ’s teachings about the poor, sick, widows, orphans and the message of love. During the campaign I called some Christian groups who wouldn't meet with me because I was a Democrat. I was attacked by some of my fellow Christians because I campaigned for a gay man running for the State Senate. I was scorned by many pro-life groups because I belong to the Democrat Party. Can you believe it...I guess they believe the Bible condemns Democrats and anoints Republicans. As much as some of my fellow Christians dislike me because I'm a Democrat, I'm equally as concerned about others who mock me because of my faith. Well I've read the Bible cover to cover, Genesis to Revelation and there's no mention of Republican or Democrat. 
The US Constitution provides for Religious freedom, we don't need to try and rewrite the US Constitution here in Indiana...none of our current leaders: Pence, Ellsperman, Bosma, or Long, seem to compare with Adams, Jefferson, Hamilton or Washington. So why are they doing this? I believe they do it because they don't want us to look at their failure to govern the state in a responsible manner. 
Governor Pence, I think you need to look at history and ask yourself is this RFRA necessary? Does the U.S. Constitution really need improved upon? If you believe it does, then I'm sure you will sign it. But I do not believe it needs improved upon and do not understand why we need this legislation and would urge you to view it as unnecessary, unneeded and takes the focus away from our myriad of problems here in Indiana. 
Now get to work.
-John Gregg


Mr. Serious said...

Mr. Gregg could defeat Governor Pence but not likely if he chooses to make RFRA a campaign issue especially so after previously acknowledging HIS SUPPORT of the Gay Marriage Amendment in his 2012 campaign and as well many times stating that marriage should be only between a man and a woman WHICH ENABLED him to get many Conservative Republican votes. That want happen again if he joins the LBGT Mafia in their foul mouthed campaign against the present governor.

Anonymous said...

Sorry it took a year to find your find your childish comments, Mr. Serious. I was searching on the upcoming election and who will be replacing your barely elected repugnant governor you so quickly defend. It's been a year since your comment, so I'll allow you the excuse that you couldn't foresee the damage he's created in the last year to our Indiana reputation and our economy as well. I don't know what mean-streets you travel through Indiana but you should be concerned, the LBGT Mafia is ALWAYS watching, waiting. It's a good thing you didn't use your real name or email, they would have found you by now. You'd wake up tomorrow in a bathhouse wondering where you left your underwear and why your wife won't return your phone calls... I mean it really is that easy to convert someone, isn't it? That is what you're afraid of right? None of that is relevant to the real issue here, that Pence is on his way out. He barely won by 3% and he's ticked off just as many republicans as democrats; he really has no chance being reelected. So enjoy it while it lasts, maybe you'll get an even bigger jerk should Trump win... Ha ha, Trump. There's an impeachment waiting to happen.