Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Four Councillors Vote Against Prop 120

Councillor Jason Holliday
At last night's City-County Council meeting, four Councillors, all Republicans, voted against Proposition 120.

The special resolution passed the Council 24-4, and it urges the Indiana General Assembly to do exactly what Mayor Greg Ballard asked in his News Conference earlier on Monday.  It asked for the repeal of RFRA and the addition of protections against discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

Unfortunately, one Councillor told WTHR that he just doesn't believe these issues are the right issues of the day.  Councillor Jason Holliday said to WTHR's Mary Milz, "There's more important issues that are pertinent that we have jurisdiction and authority to address."

Councillor Holliday is correct.  The City-County Council certainly does not have jurisdiction to change state law.  This is absolutely true.  I would argue that part of the function of city government is to stand up for your city and send a message to higher forms of government that the policies and legislation they've adopted are wrong for the residents of Indianapolis.

As far as whether these issues are pertinent or not, Indiana is in the worldwide eye right now for the RFRA with almost everyone inside and outside of the state having an opinion.  Therefore, I would ask Councillor Holliday the following questions:  
  • What's more pertinent right now than how people feel or are treated in their city? 
  • What's more pertinent right now than the money leaving Indianapolis as people cancel trips and groups cancel conventions? 
  • What issue is more pertinent to our city that is currently the butt of every joke from SNL to the internet?
The bipartisan vote that was sent up Market Street spoke volumes, but Councillors Holliday, Sandlin, Cain, and Freeman were on the wrong side of it.

  • In the interest of full disclosure, Jon Easter is a candidate for City-County Council in District 20 running against Jason Holliday.


Anonymous said...

I know there was a disclaimer, but who were the other three?

johnnystir said...

Councillors Holliday, Sandlin, Cain, and Freeman