Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Coats Say No to 2016 Run...Will Bayh Say Yes?

Senator Dan Coats
Dan Coats said today that he will not run for reelection in 2016.

That throws the race wide open for the person that will replace him.  Expect a VERY crowded Republican field that will likely include some sitting U.S. Representatives...both Todds (Young and Rokita) and Marlin Stutzman chief among them.

This news also comes a day after some said that Evan Bayh is thinking about potentially trying a comeback.  The Daily Kos reports that Bayh simply said that he has no interest in running for his old job, "at this point."  That was before Coats decided to retire for a second time.  Bayh has tons of campaign cash and would likely raise more.

Former Senator
Evan Bayh
If Bayh doesn't run, it would make sense for Baron Hill to possibly make a play for the job.  He's also been mentioned as a possible candidate for Governor, and he did run for Senate before.  I'd be interested to see what Indiana Democrats come forward to run for U.S. Senate if Bayh does not.

The Coats decision to not run makes me wonder if he knows something about Bayh's intentions.  While he cited his age in an interview with the Indy Star's Matt Tully, this is, as you may remember, exactly what happened in 1998 when Bayh first took on a run for Senate.  Coats decided to "retire" from the Senate at that time rather than take on the very popular Democrat.

Whatever happens, I hope Bayh makes a quick decision on his future and doesn't let this string out.  Any Democrat that decides to run will need the time to build name recognition to play for what likely will be an uphill battle if Bayh is out.

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