Thursday, February 19, 2015

While Brewer Languishes, Hogsett Flourishes

Joe Hogsett
So far, for Joe Hogsett, campaign 2015 has been like a smoothly sailing ship on calm waters.

He will never acknowledge it, but, with an extraordinary effort, he's starting to put away this 2015 election before it even starts.

For starters, Hogsett's raised over $1 million in his campaign war chest and he still just keeps doing what he's doing, crisscrossing the county driving his own extremely modest car (you have to see it to believe it) and building a broad bi-partisan coalition.

Despite the strong start, Hogsett says at every campaign stop that he has a primary opponent and must win there first before getting to November.  "I'm taking nothing for granted," has become Hogsett's mantra even though his opponent, Larry Vaughn, can't match his dollars or his polish as a candidate.

The Republicans still haven't gotten their act together, and I'm not sure that they will.  It's just going to be harder and harder for Chuck Brewer to make inroads against the fully-functional Hogsett campaign the longer he's bogged down with his residency controversy.  Gary Welsh reported more on the story just yesterday on Advance Indiana.

The good news for Brewer is that the electorate is far from paying attention to this one.  Those that are paying attention are a little caught up with what's going on at the Indiana General Assembly.  Others won't start considering the Mayor's race until later this summer and fall.

I predict Hogsett's campaign will be doing laps around the competition, and it will still be fighting hard for every last vote and voter.

Still, it's impressive to see Hogsett, who could be sitting on his butt in an office right now making phone calls to gather support, out and about and aggressively going after this job across the city every day on a seemingly never-stop schedule.

Just imagine what it's going to be like when he's Mayor.

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