Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Walker Fail: Residency Controversy Grows as Questions Mount for Brewer

Chuck Brewer
A Republican civil war is spilling over into a full blown campaign nightmare for Indy Republicans, and it's all of their own doing.

Despite holding the office, the best the Republicans could pull out of their ranks to run for Mayor is Chuck Brewer, a man we know little about.  Now, it appears a real controversy over his address is brew(er)ing, and it's not going away so easily.

Gary Welsh picked up the story over on his Advance Indiana blog.  His solid reporting on the subject became the basis for Jocelyn-Tandy Adande to file an official complaint with the Marion County Election Board over the residence issues.  You can read about the major issues on Welsh's blog.  It's very worthy of the few minutes to read it.  The Indy Star has also picked up on the story as did Amos Brown on his radio program.  It's a growing chorus.

The issue for Brewer and the Marion County Republican Party isn't that the story is growing.  Soon, I would expect someone at 4, 6, 8, 13, or 59 will be asking questions.  The story won't be going away.  It's just at some point that we're going to need some answers to an essential question.  The question is where does Chuck Brewer live, and how long has he lived there? Does he live in Perry Township at one of two addresses or downtown in a condominium at the Indianapolis Athletic Club?

Brewer insists that he no longer hangs his hat downtown, and the Republicans even sent out pictures last week "proving" that Brewer no longer lives in the condo at the Athletic Club.  It's on the market currently, and it has been for several months.  He's registered to vote at

That's fine.  I understand people move all the time.  People move from homes to apartments.  Heck, I did.  In fact, I got in way over my head on a house and ended up moving into an apartment.  It took me three years to transition back to a house.  I'm not a restaurateur or small business owner.  I'm also running for Council and not Mayor, but I'm ready to discuss the issue right now if someone asks me.  I'll be up front and honest.

Now, I'm sorry Chuck.  I know you probably didn't sign up for this.  You were talked into it in all likelihood.  Now, your personal business is all out in the open for everyone to see.  What we haven't seen is Chuck Brewer ready to discuss this issue.  He's not ready to answer questions, it appears.  He's not ready to sit down and introduce himself with any depth.

So far, I'd have to say the rollout of Brewer has been horrid for the Republicans.  Now, he has a real pickle to figure out since he's apparently claimed the homestead exemption on the downtown condo.  It's my understanding that's supposed to be on your primary residence only.  If he's not living downtown, then he should not be claiming the homestead exemption.

Now, Richard Mourdock got out from under that by claiming it was a mistake and an oversight and taking care of the issue.  We'll see what Brewer does.  This could end up being a much more expensive run for office than maybe even Mr. Brewer thought it would.

After these questions are answered, someone in Republican leadership should finally get around to doing what's necessary to call Kyle Walker on the carpet for this.  The Republican Chairman clearly didn't do his job in vetting Mr. Brewer or was so desperate he thought no one would push this residency issue.  With all the money and effort he's spent slapping down Jocelyn-Tandy Adande over the years, it's quite appropriate that she would be the one to expose what a poor job he did at candidate vetting 101.

He's your candidate now, Republicans, and Democrats didn't even have to lift a finger to have this surprise land right in their laps.


Anonymous said...

You give Kyle Walker far too much credit. He isn't smart enough to flip a pancake. Chuck Brewer was chosen by the Wizards behind the curtain. One of the establishment GOP wizards will be representing Chuck at the election board hearing.

Jocelyn-Tandy Adande- the only life-long Indy resident and a true civil rights activist- is to be admired for taking on the evil giants that took away the Marion County GOP from its party faithful and turned the MCRCC into a pay-to-play racketeering group.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:11 here.. I intended to convey that Jocelyn-Tandy Adande is the only truly life-long City resident running for mayor of Indianapolis.