Sunday, February 8, 2015

Robinson vs. Mansfield, Post-Convention Thoughts

Leroy Robinson
Yesterday, the Marion County Democratic Party held its pre-primary aka "slating" convention, and it had its critics.

In the past, I've criticized the process, and I believe that there are some things that need to be changed, but much of that change has to come from within.  For example, I'd like to see more people representing their home precincts on the "slating" floor.  That means that there either needs to be a change in practice where only people from a certain precinct can be appointed OR that more people need to step up and run for election when the precinct committeepersons are up.  If the convention went away altogether, I wouldn't mind, but it's still a way for a political party to fund its activities and campaigns by collecting money from its candidates.

I did sign the slating agreement, and I intend to abide by it.
Thus, in District 1, I will be supporting Leroy Robinson in the Primary by my agreement with the Marion County Democratic Party to support the preferred candidates.  I told both Angela and Leroy this face-to-face at the convention on Saturday, and they both understood. I also want you to know that I completely understand why Angela is doing what she's doing, and while I support Leroy, I won't criticize Angela. 

Angela Mansfield
Councillor Mansfield has served her district with a great deal of respect from both sides of the aisle since 2004.  She's one of the most veteran voices on the Council, and there's a reason for that.  She provides excellent constituent service, and she has the heart of a servant.  The problem becomes when we demonize people for running against the slated candidates, and some will do that.  I won't, and you shouldn't either.  You can agree to disagree with her decision, and you can either vote for or against her because of it.  

Let's not forget what created the conditions for all of this mess to begin with, Senate Enrolled Act 621, the Republican Power Grab which made Greg Ballard, Mayor of Indianapolis, one of the strongest executives in the entire state.  It also did away with the four at-large countywide seats and forced those Councillors to make a choice.  John Barth stepped aside.  Kip Tew and Pam Hickman filled two open Democratic slots in Districts 2 and 3.  Now, we can criticize Leroy for moving into District 1, but it's the move he thought he needed to make to continue to serve on the Council and to serve his constituency.

At the end of the day, I hope that whether Leroy wins or Angela wins that Democrats can come together and move forward.  Under the leadership of Council President Maggie Lewis and the promise of a new mayor like Joe Hogsett, I think a bright future is ahead for Indianapolis.  


Jim Lingenfelter said...

Jon, a well thought out analysis of the situation. Lets hope that the voters will turn out to elect their representative.

Patty Rigsby said...

too bad that this situation was created. now if only the people will vote in all the elections and may the best person win!

Anonymous said...

Vote for the person who you think will be best, not for the one slated. I am disappointed in you.

johnnystir said...

It's not the first time someone has been disappointed in me, and nothing I've said in this post or anywhere else has removed that ability for someone to go out and vote for the candidate of their choice.

Anonymous said...

Jon, I appreciate your blog posts on this matter and your abiding by the slating agreement. I have great respect for those who abide by the slating agreement, as I did four years ago, as well as those who refuse to sign it. The only ones who lose my respect are those who sign and then refuse to honor their word. You are a fine blogger and I know you will work hard to win your district and that you will represent it with great honor. Best of luck for your election. Len Farber