Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Mayors Jessup, Buckley File for Reelection

Mayor Dean Jessup
Mayor Dennis Buckley
While the filings for City-County Council and Indianapolis Mayor have gotten much of the attention, two other Marion County Mayors have filed for reelection after successful first terms.

Mayor Dean Jessup of Lawrence and Mayor Dennis Buckley of Beech Grove will attempt to win second terms in office.

Jessup has been a stabilizing factor in Lawrence politics.  With steady leadership, he stands as a favorite to win a second term.  Neither Deborah Cantwell nor Paul Ricketts could convince the voters of Lawrence to give them a second bite at the apple.  Republicans slated Steve Collier to run against Jessup.  Two other candidates have filed for the Primary as well.  Democrat Linda Treat and Republican Lana Schneider.  Treat is a City Council member, and Schneider is a member of the well-known Schneider family.  Tom Schneider was Mayor of Lawrence for some 20 years.

On the Southside, 2011 saw Democrats reclaim the Mayor's Office, and Dennis Buckley is the big favorite to retain the seat.  Buckley's first term in office has been largely dealing with cleaning up the mismanagement of the Republican mayors that preceded him.  Edward McDonald is the Republican slated to take on Buckley in November.

Both Buckley and Jessup have done great work in their first four years and more than deserve reelection to another four years in 2015.

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