Monday, February 2, 2015

Many Questions Left for Last Few Days of City-County Council Primary Election Filing

The remaining few days here in the filing cycle for the 2015 Primary Election could provide some very interesting surprises.

First of all, in District 1, Jose Evans has decided to move on down the road and not to run for reelection.  If you remember, his defection from the Democratic to the Republican Party drew all sorts of interest even bringing in Republican National Committee Chair Reince Priebus.  So far, no Republicans have filed to retain this seat.  Two incumbent Democrats will fight at Saturday's slating convention to see who will be the Democratic Party choice.  Recent move-in, Leroy Robinson, will battle Councillor Angela Mansfield, a longtime resident of the new District 1.

It also appears that District 2 incumbent Will Gooden will move on.  Colleen Fanning is listed as the Republican Party's slated candidate in that district. William David Bowser, another Republican, is filed to challenge Fanning, and Kip Tew, a candidate with tremendous fundraising abilities, will in all likelihood be the slated Democrat in the district. Tew is now the only incumbent in the race for District 2.

Incumbent Christine Scales is under attack from her own party.  Republicans have slated Tim Craft to try to take out Scales.  Pam Hickman, an incumbent Councillor by virtue of her At-Large seat, will try to move to the district seat as her At-Large seat (like Robinson's and Tew's) is being phased out by Senate Enrolled Act 621.

It appears Virginia Cain is moving on as well.  The longtime Councillor was not slated and has yet to file for reelection.  Jeff Coats is her seeming replacement in District 5.  One of the newest incumbents did not file for reelection, either. Jefferson Shreve would be in District 16, but he's not slated and hasn't filed for the Primary.  In District 15, Incumbent Republican Marilyn Pfisterer is slated, but she has yet to file.

Perhaps the biggest question is what will John Barth do?  The Council Vice President and At-Large incumbent must file as a district Councillor or move on.  If he files, he will have to file against Joe Simpson given the address on his filings with the Marion County Election Board.  That could set up another incumbent vs. incumbent free-for-all.

Of course, I'll try to keep you updated!


Anonymous said...


We need a GOOD candidate in new District 7!

Anonymous said...

does a readable precinct map exist anywhere?

johnnystir said...

If you go to the Election Board's page off the Clerk's website, there are pretty good maps there. Click on maps. Here's a link.