Thursday, February 5, 2015

Indy Democrat Endorses Mansfield for City-County Council in District 1

Councillor Angela Mansfield
I'm not a resident of City-County Council District 1, and I have no vote for this district's City-County Council seat at the Marion County Democratic Party Slating Pre-Primary Convention on Saturday morning.

I do believe it's important that I don't silently stand by without expressing my opinion as to which individual I believe is best suited to serve this area of Marion County.  In that regard, Democrats in District 1 have a choice between two sitting City-County Councillors.

Both of these City-County Councillors can point to accomplishments and neither is afraid to be controversial, but one stands out for her approach to the job.  This Councillor has served constituents with distinction and is often listed as one of the most respected and hardest working individuals on the city's legislative body even by those working against her or those on the other side.  

If I had a vote to select a preferred candidate on Saturday in District 1, I would vote for City-County Councillor Angela Mansfield.

This is nothing personal against Councillor Leroy Robinson.  I believe he is a bright and strong candidate with a future role to play in the shaping of this city.  I just believe that Mansfield's past history as a district-level Councillor and her distinguished record shows that she deserves another term on the Council.  

She's not been afraid to face the tough issues.  Mansfield was one of the chief supporters of the comprehensive smoking ban which was long overdue in this city.  Recently, Mansfield took on Mayor Greg Ballard and Republican Chair Kyle Walker directly on Ballard's latest attempt to raise property taxes and won.

Councillor Leroy Robinson
I've defended Robinson on this blog.  I believe his work on the issue of homelessness in our city is something very commendable, but I honestly believe that his philosophy is much more suited to that of the At-Large seat he holds now and much less suited to that of being a district Councillor.  Mansfield has that down to a science.  Without an At-Large seat to sit in right now, Robinson is stuck battling for this district seat.

It was a battle of his own choice as well.  As previously mentioned in other posts, Robinson could have chosen any number of districts.  He chose to move to a district where another successful Democrat already lived.  I believe it was a miscalculation on his part.

The City-County Council also has lost female councillors at an alarming rate over the last few years.  There are just nine sitting female Councillors today with Mary Moriarty Adams leaving the Council at the end of her term.  

Don't cast your vote on that, however.  Cast your vote at the pre-primary convention because Angela Mansfield deserves it.  She's not only qualified, but she has the experience being a district Councillor one can count on to represent the newly-drawn District 1 with excellence into the future.

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Anonymous said...

Well they did it to her. Carl Drummer and Lacy Johnson padded precincts with stiffs to make sure was defeated.

Only 4 of 25 seats were endorsed with women and only 2 of those 4 were white women. Surely we have more than 8% white women in our voting base.