Tuesday, February 10, 2015

House Vote Shows Republicans Eager to Remove Ritz

Superintendent of Public Instruction
Glenda Ritz
With one simple vote, Republicans in the Indiana House began the process to remove a lot of Glenda Ritz's power.

The 58-40 decision means that the Republicans need only pass the same bill in the Indiana Senate where they hold all but 11 out of the 100 seats.  It's going to pass there, and Ritz, the only elected member of the State Board of Education, will no longer chair the all-appointed committee once the Governor signs the bill into law.

It was a bold move by the Indiana House.  All weekend, Ritz supporters took to social media to defend the candidate they voted into office with 1.3 million votes.  #iStandWithiRitz was trending and the supporters worked the phones.  

Republicans argue that Ritz's leadership of the SBOE was unsteady and politically-driven.  In reality, the move to strip her from power could not be any more political.  The only Democrat in an executive office has now seen the process  begin to roll back the power she has.

In reality, the Republicans may have just created a monster.  They've awakened the sleeping beast that was the Glenda Ritz movement.  

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Anonymous said...

I am a republican by philosphy (but vote for the best candidate no matter the party). With that said, I am appalled at the blatant power grab demonstrated by this group. Ritz received THE MOST VOTES...more than the governor. ALL of us will remember this spiteful and blatant usurping of our votes for the coming Novembers. I encourage all of you to get the word out and vote these arrogant and greedy people out of office.