Tuesday, February 24, 2015

House Vote Puts Common Wage Law in Peril

Indiana AFL-CIO President
Brett Voorhies
Indiana's common construction wage law has served the state well for 80 years, but it's now up to the Indiana Senate to keep it from going by the wayside.

In another attack on working families, House Republicans voted 55-41 to kill the common construction wage law citing free market concerns.  It's such a bad idea that 13 Republicans joined with the Democrats in opposition.

AFL-CIO President Brett Voorhies put it far more eloquently than I can.  In a statement released yesterday, he said:

“With (yesterday)’s vote in the House of Representatives, the Republican supermajority has attacked the wages of working Hoosiers, a successful private sector business model and the autonomy of local governments. For decades the common construction wage has created a level playing field for contractors bidding on public projects, ensured skilled, local workers were hired and compensated appropriately and delivered world-class projects on time and on budget. In less than a week, following just one committee hearing, the representatives who supported House Bill 1019 have put this all at risk. 
We will continue to work with our coalition of locally elected officials from both parties, contractors and small business allies that actually do this work and our affiliated unions to stop this reckless attempt at repeal – and hope that this massive policy change is given more debate and deliberation in the State Senate.”

As Voorhies stated, the bill now moves over to the Senate side.  Democrats hold just 11 seats, so they will need 15 Republicans to join them to kill this bill if it makes it to the full Senate.

District 100 State Rep. Dan Forestal also had a great tweet illustrating what a bad idea this is for Hoosier workers.

Apparently, Rep. Forestal, your friends on the Republican side of the House aisle care more about ideology than reality.

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