Friday, February 20, 2015

Gregg Deserves Second Bite at Apple

John Gregg
In 2012, we were so close to preventing some of what's happening in Indiana.

We were so close to stopping the Mike Pence Express before it even got started, and we were so close to having at least some semblance of balance at the Statehouse.

Unfortunately, elections do have consequences and Mike Pence got a few more votes than John Gregg did in the 2012 General Election.  It was a surprisingly close election that saw Gregg close to within 3.2 percentage points on Election Night.  In August, some polls showed him 18 points behind.

The turnaround in Gregg's fortunes in the polls seemed to coincide with a change in tactic that saw Gregg go from a folksy campaign built around homespun commercials to a serious campaign that saw him dominate Pence in the debates and start to make his case as to why he would make a good Indiana Chief Executive.

Except for a brief time to take care of some family issues, Gregg hasn't really stopped running for Governor, and he told the Northwest Indiana Times that he'll make a decision about 2016 this spring.

I hope that John Gregg decides to run again.  It doesn't mean that he will survive a Primary if he's challenged, but I think he has probably the best chance of winning in 2016.  He's not liberal.  He doesn't carry a ton of baggage.  He already has name recognition, and he does have a record of working with Republicans when he was Speaker of the Indiana House.

He also knows Mike Pence, and I don't think that Gregg will hold anything back this time.  I would expect that Gregg might be Pence's worst nightmare of an opponent again in 2016.  I would assume that Gregg would target his attacks on Pence's vulnerabilities and there are plenty of them right now.

I'm not endorsing Gregg, and I will watch the race carefully.  I just think Gregg deserves a chance to finish what he nearly did in 2012.  That means to topple Mike Pence and stop his reign as Governor of Indiana.

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Baron Hill deserves a chance